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    Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is the official charity partner for the 2023 Carman’s Fun Run. For the past 24 years, BCNA has worked tirelessly to ensure that all Australians who are affected by breast cancer receive the very best care, treatment and support.

    As Australia’s leading breast cancer consumer organisation with a network of more than 150,000, BCNA provides information and support to those diagnosed with breast cancer and to their supporters. This includes opportunities to connect with others going through a similar situation and working with government and health professionals to influence a stronger healthcare system. Please visit to find out more.


    In the next 24 hours, 55 Australian’s will hear four shocking words – ‘You have breast cancer’. That’s over 20,000 Australian women and men in the next 12 months alone. With your support, BCNA is there to help people diagnosed with breast cancer navigate this challenging time.



    Provide support, information and resources to those who have just been diagnosed through our My Journey online tool, which has 18,000 registered users

    Provide an online peer network of more than 22,000 people sharing stories, experience and support

    Provide telephone support services that are accessed by nearly 10,000 Australians affected by breast cancer each year

    Deliver webcasts, podcasts and conferences that have received 57,000 views and downloads

    Provide My Care Kits in partnership with Berlei, which include a post mastectomy bra and soft form, to help women feel more comfortable after surgery

    Advocate on behalf of Australians diagnosed with breast cancer to achieve greater access to new breast cancer drugs, treatments & procedures that lessen the financial impact of diagnosis

    Deliver our Seat at the Table program where 68 Australians who have experienced breast cancer are trained to actively participate in research, government and health sector decision making forums.

    Deliver breast cancer information forums across Australia in remote and regional areas


    And much, much more!