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    Track you run (or your runner)

    The official Canberra Times Marathon Festival running app is now live!


    Powered by the global TCS team it continues to be a gamechanger for endurance running at every level. Leveraging advanced technology such as tracking features and virtual support functions, the app supports you throughout your marathon experience.


    The TCS CTMF app is the fastest, and most feature packed, way to ensure you’re race ready. Download it today and start training with your virtual marathon buddy.


    Remember to get your friends and family to download it too, so they can follow you around the course on the day! The app will also help them find the best spectator spots, important event times, parking, and lots of other important information.


    On race day you’ll be able to:

        • Track your run.
        • Follow your friends and favourite runners.
        • Connect to country through the Indigenous Points of Significance markers.
        • Snap a selfie with fun filters.
        • Easily share all the glorious details.


    This year, in a first for the Canberra Times Marathon Festival, you’ll be able to play a part in the push to make sport sustainable. The new Sustainability Scorecard feature lets you measure the carbon footprint of each training and race decision you make, allowing you to make informed choices and tread lightly as you run.



    Participant names won’t appear in the app until you have collected your race bib.

    Interactive course maps

    Track friends and family that are participating and keep track of where they are on the course! 

    Find all the on-course information

    Including toilets, on-course entertainment, the. best spectator spots, first aid, Indigenous History, car parks, and more.

    Get your sustainability scorecard

    How sustainable are you? Answer some quick questions and get your scorecard.


    Download it from the App store or Google Play store via the buttons below: