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    Laura’s 7 tips for beginner runners

    January 31st, 2022                                                                      By Laura Henshaw

    "Running. It’s something that I know many of us are intimidated by as we simply don’t believe that we’ve got it in us to run. However, together with the team at KIC, we’re on a mission to help you overcome this by realising your untapped potential to run through our new running program KICRUN. We know that that incredible body of yours is absolutely, indisputably capable of running and we are here to foster your journey to running 5km or 10km."

    As many of you would know, KICRUN is our brand new audio guided program to help you run 5km with confidence and shatter any self-doubt or internal dialogue that tells you you’re not a runner.

    Starting anything for the first time is not easy. To develop a new skill like running it does require a bit of dedication and practice but our team has designed KICRUN to be a super gentle build up to 5km. You’ll be guided through the program in baby steps, with lots of rest periods and my voice to encourage you the entire time.

    If you’re feeling any form of self-doubt, I’ve shared my top tips and the things that have helped me on my running journey which I hope will help support you. Get ready to switch your mindset from “I’m not a runner” to “Hell yeah I am a runner!“.

    TIP 1: Remember that we all have to start somewhere.

    If you start today, you will be so much further ahead than if you start next year! It is ok if you have never run before or if you can’t run very far without stopping. This is what KICRUN is here to help with! All you need to do is pop in your headphones, be kind to yourself and try your best. If you never even lace up your runners and make a start you’ll never have the opportunity to surprise yourself at just how capable you are.

    TIP 2: Warm up and cool down.

    The key to being able to increase your distance and prevent injury is making sure you warm up properly and stretch once you finish. A warm up might simply be a few star jumps and leg swings but whatever you choose, it’s important to get the blood flowing and our muscles warm. For me personally, my hip flexors and glutes get really tight so I have to make sure I always stretch in both my warm up and cool down so I can run injury free. If you’ve got a foam roller at your disposal this is also another great tool to use to help with recovery – it’ll act like your physio and massage therapist all in one!

    TIP 3: Keep up your Strength Masterclasses, Pilates & Yoga.

    Glute strength especially is so important to help with your running, so make sure you include strength sessions to complement your training. I also ensure that I give my body adequate recovery and rest time and I’ll also include a KIC yoga or Pilates flow to really stretch out my muscles. Check out our blog on our favourite Masterclasses to enhance your KICRUN training!

    TIP 4: Follow a program!

    If you’re looking for motivation, guidance and support along the way—I highly recommend following a running program. With KICRUN you’ll gradually build up your fitness and endurance safely with the guidance and support of our experts.

    TIP 5: Your mindset matters.

    If you start running but still believe deep down that you aren’t really a runner or aren’t good enough to run, you won’t stick to your training and you won’t truly uncover your potential. Repeat after me; I AM A RUNNER, I CAN DO THIS AND I AM STRONG. Try writing down some reasons you want to run that are important to you and repeat these in your head along with your positive self talk when it gets hard and you want to give up. The more you tell yourself you can, the sooner you will truly believe it.

    TIP 6: Get some tunes on!

    Other than a running buddy, music is one of the most powerful motivators going around. Find a killer running playlist to join you on your run! There are so many times I have almost given up on my runs but a good song has helped me through. Just be sure to keep the volume to a level that means you’re able to hear what’s going on around you... remember safety first!

    TIP 7: Make it fun!

    Yes running can be fun!! Finding ways to make you look forward to your run are going to help circumvent any excuse not to start. On those warmed days I love ending my run at the beach so that I can take a cool down swim. Finding a running buddy might also be a great motivator and together you can complete a KICRUN session and then grab a coffee from your favourite local cafe afterwards! Everyone’s approach to this will be different so find what works for you so that you’re waking up looking forward to your run.

    Join KIC co-founders Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw at the Carman’s Fun Run 5K start line by signing up today

    Written by Lauren Henshaw