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    3 reasons why you need a cross-training shoe

    Just how important is it to wear the right shoes? Very.

    Choosing the right shoe to train in will impact your performance, reach your goals and prevent any nasty injuries form taking place. And when it comes to cross-training those running shoes you love so dearly could end up being a hindrance to your workout game.

    So if you’re into your strength training, HIIT, circuits and beyond you’ll want to find a shoe that can support your diverse range of motion and activities.

    We’re here to help! Read on for our top 3 reasons why you need a cross-training shoe in your life…


    A gym shoe is built with a more durable outsole appropriate for multi-directional activity whereas your running shoe is built to go in a straight line.


    The heel height in a running shoe and heel height in a gym shoe are different. A running shoe is built to have a cushioned heel for efficient running whereas your gym shoe is designed to be flat and low to the ground for efficient lifting.


    A running shoe has a fantastic amount of cushioning in it for the impact loads of running, but the same cushioned platform is inefficient and unstable in the gym for when you lift heavier weights.