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    Run / race recovery

    We put so much effort into the lead up of a race that sometimes we can forget to take care of our bodies once we’re done.

    To reduce soreness and aches after your run we recommend the following recovery techniques:


    Make sure you wear your compression garment of choice POST workout. There’s no benefit wearing leggings during a run other than staying a little warmer.

    Compression clothing is great for reducing post-exercise swelling in muscles and joints, sensations of muscle soreness and help you recover from soft tissue injuries.


    Having a cold shower or bath helps with micro tears and micro-bleeding (think of what you do with a blood nose, you’ll grab some frozen peas and pop them on your face to reduce swelling and bleeding).

    Ice baths help to constrict your blood vessels and flush waste products from affected tissues, decrease metabolic activity and slow down physiological processes. Once you warm-up after your ice bath you’ll increase the blood flow in your body to speed up circulation to help your recovery on its way.


    If you can’t sit still on rest days you can go for a swim, bike or even a light cross-training session. Make sure to keep these sessions at low-intensity and listen to your body. You don’t want to aggravate soreness further or increase fatigue, so take it slow.

    The best way to improve as an athlete is to give your body the time it needs to recover, so it can absorb the exercises and training. Your body works hard to repair itself & jump back from soreness – think of your recovery as a tactic to improve on your running – you can’t have one without the other