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    You’re in your running element, you’re tracking a good pace, the beats are pumping in your ear drums, the wind is in your hair but hold up what’s that sharp yet tingling sensation you’re feeling on your feet?

    Blisters! No matter how much you try and tune it out and focus, bringing your running A game with blisters on your feet isn’t going to be easy. And we’re here to tell you that that K-mart 3 pack of socks isn’t going to cut it for those longer distances. Come on, your feet deserve better. And while a good pair of runners is key, they won’t be feeling so fly when your socks start causing you dramas.

    Don’t believe in the power of quality socks? Here’s 6 ways they can help you beat the blisters and more likely to reach that PB.

    1. Snug Life

    There’s nothing worse than getting into your stride and your socks start slipping down to reveal those ever-so vulnerable heels. Having a contoured sock that fits nice and snug to your foot will prevent movement from occurring which causes blisters due to friction and irritation to the skin. Choose brands that have a wide size range and get that Cinderella moment when you find the perfect fit.

    2. Go Seams Free

    Buying sport socks may feel like a big splurge but we can assure you that opting for socks with expert tech within the design is well worth the dollar. Say no to the seams and choose a sock like Balega’s Silver No Show with hand linked toe seams to prevent any blister possibilities. Well, you wouldn’t buy your coffee from a non-expert Barista now would you?

    3. The Sweat is Real

    Another cause of blisters is excess moisture caused by sweat or wet running conditions. How horrible do soggy socks feel? No feet should have to sit in that. Luckily sports footwear brands have made this a key focus with clever use in materials and breathable tech such as ventilation panels. This wicks the moisture away from your feet and into the outside of the sock which then evaporates into the air, keeping your feet cooler, drier and less blister-prone. Winning.

    4. Cotton is not your friend

    Although natural, cotton socks hold a lot of moisture and sweat, which as you read previously, moisture = blisters. Choose a sock that is made of synthetics like polyester, nylon and lycra or moisture-wicking materials such as bamboo and wool. These materials are less likely to rub when they become sweaty and have quick-drying properties which means less chance of nasty blisters.

    5. Running on Cloud 9

    The thickness of the sock is entirely up to your own personal style and preference. If you like a softer more cushioned shoe, then choose a thicker sock for a springy step that will feel like running on clouds. If you prefer a lighter weight feel, brands such as Steigen not only look bad-ass with their exciting colour combo’s but their design includes an additional percentage of lycra allowing the arch to be cushioned and supported and a forefront pad for comfort and durability.

    6. Compress yourself

    What’s the hype about compression socks? While compression gear may not help you run faster, it may very well help you recover faster. This is due to the socks improving blood flow and providing relief for fatigued muscles, foot pain, and shin splints. So, while they’re not necessary for everyone, if you struggle with lower leg pain or have a tough time recovering from hard workouts, they could be worth a try! Beginners tip: Look for socks rated 15-20 mmHg in pressure if you’re wearing them on/ after a run. Our favourites are the 2XU Vectr Cushion Full Length Sock.