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    Return to running and run pain free.


    We're here to help you get back from injury and return to fitness. We're not just Podiatrist, we're passionate runner's who love helping out other runners.


    • We fix injuries in the foot
    • We fix ankle injuries
    • We fix shin pain
    • We fix calf injuries
    • If you are new to running and need a safe plan, we can help
    • If you have difficulty finding a running shoe that works, we can help
    • If you have callus or corns we are your solution
    • If you have ingrown or sore nails, we are your solution





    Running injury assessment and treatment

    Safe introduction to running planning

    Running gait assessment

    Running shoe assessment and recommendation

    Comfortable and effective running orthotics

    Individualised exercise prescription

    • Injury rehabilitation



    People Orientated

    It is our privilege to help you in succeeding in your running goals and we are invested in making this a reality. We know as runners that injuries and illness don’t define us and we work closely with you to remove the barriers and health hurdles you face. 

    Passionate Runners

    We are Runners who understand Runners. We recognise that running is a highly demanding activity that places a high load on our entire body, especially our legs. As a result, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the strategies and pain manaement techniques to keep you running PB’s.

    Attention to Detail

    We strive to get the full picture of your issue by meticulous analysis of your individual circumstances. Many factors can contribute to any injury and we investigate thoroughly to determine the root cause. Whether it be training volume, shoe wear, biomechanics, injury history our podiatrists look at every detail that could be contributing to your problem. 


    Gus McSweyn - Podiatrist

    • Bachelor of Health Science, Masters of Podiatric Practice
    • Podiatry Board of Australia accreditation
    • APODA member


    Honest and uncomplicated advice.


    Gus specialises in the prescription of footwear, orthotics & rehabilitation exercises to reduce pain and restore confidence in your feet and lower limbs.


    Hailing from the pristine wilderness of King Island, Gus has always had a strong devotion to sport and running. How else do you fill up a childhood on a farm in the middle of the Bass Strait?


    Whether it be achieving personal milestones in these endeavours or helping to guide individuals in achieving theirs, a welcoming and honest approach is awaiting.


    "Gus came by virtue of recommendation. Professional, solid knowledge bank and excellent people skills. He is also humble and hasn't lost the ability to listen to people's foot stories, however mundane the detail. Would not hesitate to recommend his services, based on my own 6 visits."


    "I have now done three runs this past week with ZERO PAIN! Just want to say a huge thank you to Gus, I finally feel myself again now that I can run and be pain free, it's been wonderful. Running has always been my outlet for my mental health so being able to do it again has felt great!"


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need some more information? Here are our most frequently asked questions about our Podiatry Service.


    Every Runner & Issue is different however a typical treatment plan can involve:


    30min initial consult


    To begin consult: (~15min)

    -We need to understand of why the runner is there and what they want out of the consultation (we work with the athlete as an individual to develop relevant, realistic and inspirational goals)

    -Injury History, activity history, treatment history

    -Followed by biomechanical, running/walking gait assessment

    -Followed by function strength & exercise screen


    Treatment implementation (~15min)

    -Education around injury/pain (You will gain a thorough understanding of your injury, and importantly the factors that have contributed to it)

    - Once we understand WHY the injury has occurred, we go about addressing those individual factors with a tailor made plan for you.

    -Pain management techniques & strategies

    Including: Prescription of exercises, taping, footwear selection and orthotics


    -Run & activity planning

    Following a session each person will receive a detailed email outlining session straight to their inbox


    30min Review consult (typically can range 3-5 session depending on issue & goals)

    -Evaluate outcome of our initial session

    -Evaluate wins and potential improvements

    -Implement short term wins into long term strategies through progression

    (ie increasing S & C, orthotic/shoes for longer term load management)


    Throughout they are able to email and contact us around any issue or query

    “On call Podiatrist”

    Do you need a referral to see a podiatrist? 

    No, a referral from a doctor to see a Podiatry is not needed because Podiatrists are primary Allied Health Care providers (like Dentists or Physiotherapists). However, in some special circumstances, clients may benefit from a GP referral if they are eligible for TAC, Workcover, Veterans Affairs and other 3rd Party funded services.

    Can I claim my podiatry appointment with my private health insurance?

    Private health funds do cover ancillary health services that include podiatry. Whether your cover includes podiatry will depend on the level of cover that you have with your provider. Whether you are eligible to claim back your podiatry charges will depend on the scope of your insurance coverage.

    Does Medicare cover podiatry?

    Podiatry is considered an allied health profession by the Australian government and as a consequence, Medicare rebates are generally not available for visits to a podiatrist. For patients with chronic diseases and complex care needs there may be eligibility for a medicare rebate. For medicare benefits to be payable for podiatry services, a patient must be referred to a podiatrist by a GP. There are frequency limits to the number of visitations available however.


    Sole Motive Podiatry is located inside Sole Motive Running Shoe store at 170 Queen Street, Melbourne.



    By Gus Mcsweyn