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    Sole Motive Training Club classes are here to help you achieve any training goal whether that be increasing your fitness level or chasing race PB’s. Our six different classes include a variety of H.I.IT, strength and yoga workouts that are fun and challenge you to grow. 


    View our range of classes available with the Sole Motive Training Club below.



    Our H.I.I.T classes involve several different workout stations of short and intense exercises which are followed by shorter periods of rest. Our station based H.I.I.T classes are perfect for burning calories, losing weight, building muscle and increasing your aerobic capacity. Check out what H.I.I.T classes are coming up this week here. 

    All Out H.I.I.T

    Get ready to get after it! Our station based H.I.I.T. class doesn't leave any muscle behind. We'll move through a variety of exercises with the goal of moving your whole body. Jump in on this class if you enjoy the smell of burnt calories.

    H.I.I.T your Stride

    This station based H.I.I.T. class is intended for runners. Although being a runner isn’t mandatory. If you’re looking to build up a sweat whilst working the lower body and core, jump in! We'll fire up your calves, burn those buns and light up your abs whilst challenging your metabolic conditioning in the background.


    Our run strength classes are perfect for those who need a more hands on session with a trainer. Our trainers will help you achieve the best results for you based on your current circumstances. Whether you’re recovering from injury, wanting to get the most out your weights program, we have a run strength class for you. Check out what Run Strength classes are coming up this week here. 

    Build your Base

    This class focuses on you. A slower pace allows for our trainers to tailor exercises to the current demands of your training cycle. The perfect class if you're recovering from injury, chasing more understanding of lifting technique or wanting to develop your body's integrity.

    Priming for Performance

    In this class, each weight lifted brings you closer to your next PB. A more intimate training session that focuses on peak performance. Here, we spend the time with you to develop the techniques required to get the most out of your weight training program.


    Runners and trainers of all levels can benefit from adding Yoga to their regular training routines. Our yoga classes can help you improve your running times by increasing the strength and flexibility of your muscles. Additionally, Yoga can reduce stress, aid weight loss and help you stay injury-free. Check out what yoga classes are coming up this week here.

    Power Flow

    Our Power Flow class targets strength and mobility. Open to the first time yogi, or more experienced practitioner, we string together a series of movements leading toward a more challenging pose. This class creates a place for exploration within mind and body.

    Runner's Release

    Our Runner's Release class accommodates for the demands of those placing one foot in front of the other, km after km. We'll touch on those sticky points, open up our hips and lengthen our back body. This class also offers a stimulus to develop areas that a runner might otherwise overlook.