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    Our COVID-Safe Plan - ACT


    Spectators must adhere to all COVID safe advice the time and must download the CBR app and scan an event QR code upon entry of the event for contact tracing purposes.




    Social Distancing

    Distancing of 1 person per 2m2 and 1.5m apart will be adhered to at all times.


    This includes at on-site registrations, toilets, Sole Motive retail pop-up store, start lines and general standing areas.

    Starting Times

    Rolling and staggered race starts will be in place to ensure waves can be set out with a number capacity and to ensure social distancing is followed.


    To ensure participants, spectators and all others on site are fully informed and adhering to the COVID guidelines,regular communicationwill occuracross all digital channels in the lead up to the event. At the event there will be clear signage,PA system announcements and additional support fromCovid-Safe marshals.

    Hand Hygiene/Cleaning

    Additional cleaning will take place in hygiene areas, such as bathrooms and at drink stations.


    As per usual, gloves will be used & hand sanitiser will be used throughout the event.


    Volunteers/staff will be required to wear masks.






    All participants are encouraged to bring their own water (bottle, hydration pack, flip-belt, etc) if possible. 
    We will be employing a low-risk strategy to ensure participants can still get their hydration on the course. 


    Drink stations will be run with volunteers to distribute the cups and a different team collecting the rubbish to minimise any cross contamination. 







    Find out more about the ACT COVID-safe vaccination requirements here.

    Race Briefs/Presentations

    To further minimise the need to gather in groups, participant instructions will provide the relevant information for participants to read pre-event. 


    Finisher presentations will take place at the finish line as soon as all place-getters are available.